My love for Standard Poodles developed after I started as a Professional Groomer. I was absolutely in awe of how loyal and loving they are, I did some research and found a local breeder who is also now a very good friend of mine, Shiela Thomas of Coplar Creek Standard Poodles. I met some of her dogs and instantly fell in love with a Black Girl Named Della, I waited a whole year to have one of Dellas Daughter's, and when the puppies were ready to come home... A special little Black girl was mine and we named her Tori. Tori has literally been the best dog I've ever owned ; she's gentle , caring and sweet. 

She is our foundation and my Heart dog.


Tori stole our hearts and has become our foundation bitch for our breeding program. Her big heart and intuitive nature are unbelievable, she's caring and gentle with our children and anyone who meets her. After Tori we added Lacey who lives life to the fullest , always happy ! 
We participate almost every weekend in AKC shows and are planning on adding some performance to our already busy schedule .
Please feel free to contact me with Any Questions , even if I don't have a current litter I can surely refer you to someone who might .
Thanks for visiting us ! 
The Patterson's